Job description

I.Job description:
-Performing transactions with the bank: money withdrawal, money transfer, document reconciliation, guarantee contracts, credit, bank sub-books
-Kiểm soát chi phí công trình, theo dõi tạm ứng, hoàn ứng nội bộ Controlling project costs, monitoring internal advance and reimbursement amounts
-Managing revenues and expenses 
-Checking the completeness and legality of input and output invoices and documents to ensure compliance with the State regulations, Issuing sales invoices
-Accounting and updating to accounting software
-Maintaining periodic records of files according to company regulations
-Other tasks as assigned by the Head of Accounting Department.
II.Job requirements 
‐Graduating from the majors: Accounting, Auditing, Financing
‐Experience: At least 01 year
‐Understanding of regulations and policies related to accounting work
‐Personality: Honest, careful, able to work under pressure
‐Proficient in accounting software, office computer
III.Welfare policies
‐Working time: 8h00 – 17h00 (From Monday to Friday) and 8h00 – 12h00 (Saturday)
‐Salary: 10.000.000 – 12.000.000
‐Entitled to: Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, ... according to company and state regulations 
‐Salary increase: 01 - 02 time(s) a year (according to the company's performance evaluation period)
‐Bonuses: Holidays, New Year's Day, birthday, 13th month salary, company's business 
‐Allowances: Sickness, illness, long distance work, lunch, ...
‐Leave: 12 days of leave and days according to state regulations
IV.Other information
Age: 22 - 30
Sex: Female
Form: Official staff
Probation period: 02 Months (Trial salary is 100% of official salary) 

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