In addition to its main strength as an industrial factory, DINCO also has extensive experience in construction and construction of buildings, hotels, resorts, goft yards, schools, hospitals, civil works, …

In order to serve these projects, DINCO has invested heavily in specialized machinery and equipment to serve as tower cranes, hoisting hoists, scaffolding, coffa, concrete transporting and pumping vehicles.

Typical civil works DINCO has constructed are: Hiyori Garden Tower, Khách sạn Brilliant , Ala Carte Hotel, Dong A University , Liberty Central Hotel…..


DINCO has the biggest strength in the field of providing general contractor services for construction of factories and industrial factories

DINCO has invested heavily in project managers, chief commanders and construction engineers to provide high quality construction services and ensure the most rigorous progress.

We have experience as general contractor for many industrial factories and factories, typically: Sunshine Aerospace Aviation Components Plant Project, Happy Furniture Interior & Exterior Product Manufacture Factory, GROZ – BECKERT Vietnam factory, Amann Vietnam Sewing Threads Manufacturing Factory, Ton Dong A Factory …….


DINCO also has experience in executing traffic and infrastructure projects.

In order to best serve these types of projects, Dinco invests and owns such kinds of machineries as: excavators, bulldozers, rollers, graders; dump truck for leveling works. Besides, Dinco also owns much other specialized equipment to serve specific works such as: dredging, dyke…   

DINCO has executed many traffic and infrastructure projects: Da Phuoc International New Town Project ; Hoa Xuan Wastewater Treatment Plant Civil Works And Ancillary Facilities; Engineering Infrastructure of E Area – Residential Area at South of Cam Le Bridge; Engineering Infrastructure of E Extension Area (phase 3) – Residential Area at South of Cam Le Bridge ; Engineering Infrastructure of Residential Area at Northern West of Resettlement Zone No.6 along DT602 Route ; Infrastructure of Hoa Khanh Industrial Zone; Nam Hai van Tuy Loan Bypass, etc..