DINCO also has experience in executing traffic and infrastructure projects.

In order to best serve these types of projects, Dinco invests and owns such kinds of machineries as: excavators, bulldozers, rollers, graders; dump truck for leveling works. Besides, Dinco also owns much other specialized equipment to serve specific works such as: dredging, dyke…   

DINCO has executed many traffic and infrastructure projects: Da Phuoc International New Town Project ; Hoa Xuan Wastewater Treatment Plant Civil Works And Ancillary Facilities; Engineering Infrastructure of E Area – Residential Area at South of Cam Le Bridge; Engineering Infrastructure of E Extension Area (phase 3) – Residential Area at South of Cam Le Bridge ; Engineering Infrastructure of Residential Area at Northern West of Resettlement Zone No.6 along DT602 Route ; Infrastructure of Hoa Khanh Industrial Zone; Nam Hai van Tuy Loan Bypass, etc..