“DINCO’s Code of Ethics defines principles, standards which every employee is forced to follow if he wishes to work at Dinco. The Code of Ethics not only helps Dinco develop sustainably but also bring about a welfare and prosperous life for every employee.”

Why every employee must follow Code of Ethics?

           Everyday, we have to make decision whether we want or not and whether the problem is serious or simple. Life shall become simple if every decision is clear: yes or no? Good or bad? Right or wrong?  

           However, while there are more and more material temptations in current working environment and ethical values are gradually disregarded, what we base on to make decision is not clear all the time. Problems involved ethics within working environment is always a fact, therefore, DINCO’s Code of Ethics is to define a framework on which we base to make right decision when facing problems.

  Follow Code of Ethics shall bring following benefits to employees:

–          Their human dignity is respected.

–          They themselves affirm their own personality and value.

–          They shall receive fair and unprejudiced evaluation.

–          They have chances to prove their capabilities and work at Dinco for a long time.

–          They have more stable, sustainable earnings compared to what they receive from other companies of same profession.

–          They may not be involved in social evils which help preserve their families’ welfare.

 Benefits bring to DINCO:

–          A healthy, friendly workplace where every employee is respected.

–          A different trade name image.

–          A sustainable competition advantage.

–          A good faith and reputation in customers’ eyes.

–          A bigger share market and profit rate compared to competitors, thereby creating satisfactorily financial results.

–          A lot of loyal partners and customers; rate of loyal customers is higher than that of competitors.


Dinco’s success depends on our reputation for ethical business performance. Our Code of Ethics is to help ensure that we conduct business fairly and honestly and interact ethically with each of involved people – including employees, clients, suppliers, competitors, governments and communities. The Code describes our standards, rules and principles which help us understand the way we do business at Dinco.




1. Offer gifts and / or anything of money values to superiors or managers of the company in any form. 
2. Not record or fail to make clear, transparent, correct financial papers and / or explanations to Accounting section with regard to all transactions including expenses for gift, customers, etc…


1. Directly or indirectly receive commission, bribery sums from customers, partners, suppliers, sub-contractors.
2. Collude with customers, partners, suppliers, sub-contractors to receive commission, bribery sums 
3. Propose payment or promise to offer gifts to any customer, partner, supplier, sub-contractor. 



1. Sell and / or purchase types of materials, equipment, plants including winding-up goods, materials of the company and of involved customers, investors, partners, suppliers and sub-contractors to serve personal, group or association’s spending purposes. Sale or purchase mentioned herein must be carried out in accordance with procedures of Sales & Planning Department (Material   Section) under the direction of Managers and the money must be contributed into the company fund. 
2. Make corrupt use of personal position in the company to use or hire (visible or invisible) the company’s types of assets, vehicles, resources, pictures for personal, group association and family’s purposes. 
3. Use influences from his /her own position to gain personal benefits such as commission, bribery sums including provide, reveal a part or the whole of important information to help partners, suppliers, sub-contractors capture the company’s contract.
4. Borrow money from daily workers or sub-contractors in any form. 



1. Cover up for negative actions, behaviors that violating ethical policy. 
2. Carry out actions of threatening and persecution of colleges in reporting negative actions, behaviors that violating ethical policy.
3. Stake, gamble in any form during and outside working hours. 
4. Use drug, stimulant, alcohol at workplace.
5. Be involved in or permit violence at workplace. 



1. Any action involves stealing quality and / or quantity of materials, project of the customers. 
2. Provide, release wrong, unfounded information that may affect customers’ interests. 
3. Establish or work at other companies of same profession or other companies involved and use information, documentation of the company to take part in tender, offer price…in oreder to get contract in any form.



1. Provide wrong information for superiors, partners, staff, inferior that may causes bad consequences for the company, partners, customers.


1. Any employee who has deceitful actions in timekeeping and / or checking in/out for others. 
2. Books and recording document of the company must be recorded in a perfect, accurate and reliable manner in accordance with common accepted accounting principles. Any employee who forges, conceals, covers up, falsifies document, papers shall be dismissed and bears personal legal responsibility. 



1. Release confidential information of the company to gain benefits including delicate issues such as: tender (price, detailed price of tender package…), list of suppliers, value of goods procurement, accounting data except for information required by the authority such as financial statements…
2. Enquire about, announce, discuss in a widespread and inconclusive way of personal income of his / her own or of other people which causes negative effects on working results of employees. 
3. Access to any system or data base that contains personal information such as: personnel documentation, emails, messages of colleges unless being permitted by direct managers or Board of Directors. 

Dinco works to sustain a culture where all employees are valued. The Board of Directors’ comprehensive efforts to offer a fair and respectful work environment helps attract, develop, support and retain the most talented people. At Dinco, there is no age discrimination, i.e we put more appreciation in the real capability and talent of employees than their length of service.

Dinco places a high value on the safety of its employees. We are committed to provide a safe workplace for all employees, sub-contractors and clients as well. Dinco has developed the HSE manual to prevent injury to all involved people – management, supervisors, employees and workers in identifying and eliminating hazards that may occur during the work execution.

Dinco has a longstanding commitment to make a positive impact on the communities where its employees live and work through supporting activities in education and training.

For example, Dinco has a collaborative program with Danang Polytechnique University in which Dinco sponsors annual grants for needy but talented students who are at 4th or 5th school-year at the Civil and Industrial Construction Faculty. Moreover, these sponsored students are offered job opportunities at Dinco after graduating.

Dinco’s Chairman – Mr Le Truong Ky is invited to Danang Polytechnique University and Danang Economic College twice a year to have open talks with students in which he shares his experience and failure so as to help students avoid mistaken business orientations and give helpful orientations in starting and doing business.