Opening of Tokai Vietnam Plant

2013/07/24 08:01:29

In the morning 19th July 2013, Tokai Vietnam Ltd. held the opening ceremony of the 6th plant of the total 07 plants which is internationally invested by Tokai Kogyo Group (Japan). The major product of this plant is the plastic gasket used in cars which is sold in the Southeast Asia market and supplied to the top Japanese automobile manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan…

Dinco is the main contractor for the project; the plant was 07 months under construction. With the 9-year experience in construction field, Dinco has finished the project completely comply with the schedule and exceed the expectation of the client.

In the ceremony, the representative of Vietnam Tokai acknowledged the contribution of participated contractors who jointly worked to make the plant put into operation on time; Dinco was the main contractor undertaking the construction of the entire plant. The General Director of Vietnam Tokai – Mr. Kimura Nobuaki – directly gave letters of thankfulness to each contractor.

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