2014/05/22 09:26:26

On the morning 5th May 2014, Century Synthetic Fiber Corp and Dinco Corp together held the commencement ceremony of factory extension project. There was the presence of Mr. Nguyen Thanh Ngoc – Secretary of Trang Bang District Committee.

The extension factory is located at Trang Bang Industrial Zone, Tay Ninh Province, increasing the production capacity of the company from current 37 tons to 52 tons. The project is expected to be completed within 270 days from the commencement date. Dinco’s scope of work includes building, steel structure and finishing work.

With the experience of building factories for international Clients from Japan, Germany, USA and Vietnam, with similar reinforced concrete structure, such as Nissan Auto Assembly Plant, Colgate Palmolive Toothbrush Plant, Groz-Beckert Garment Equipment Plant and DRC Truck Tires Plant; Mr. Le Truong Ky, General Director of Dinco, committed to the Client to closely liaise with ICIC Designer and Coninco Project Manager to finish the factory in compliance with the progress, quality standard and everything shall be controlled from the first stage of the project. In addition, Dinco also emphasize on environment protection and safety for people. General Director of Dinco stated: “All accidents are preventable, Dinco always pursue the aim of no accident; people’s happy lives depend on it”.

On 7th May 2014, Dinco continue to commence the Vina Kad Project which is owned by Kad Industrial S.A Vietnam Ltd. The project is expected to finished within 4 months from the commencement date.

Dinco is continually winning projects from the beginning of this year. The trust from employers makes Dinco brand become more and more strong in every stage.

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