2016/01/25 10:26:41

A new spring has come. Saying goodbye to old year and welcoming the new year, on the evening of 23rd Jan 2016, the whole Dinco family come together at Furama Resort to attend the year-end party.

After a year of hard-working and various challenges, the whole Dinco family gathered to look back and review all achievements and outstandings. This is also an annual event of the company for all employees to get closer to each other.

Beside the attendances of all Dinco staff, there are many guests from Pacific Dinco, Son Phuoc Minerals JSC and close partners of the company.

The ceremony starts with the presentation of General Director and giving awards to some excellent staff and teams during the year 2015.

The awards given to:

- Staff who best and strictly complies with the “Integrity and Honesty” value

- Excellent staff in 2015

- Good staff in 2015

- Potential staff 2015



The atmosphere becomes hotter with the performances of all staff. Thanks to the serious investment and hard-working, all amateur singers, actors and actresses has brought audiences from surprises to surprises with various performances from group song, modern dance to comedy and opera.

The warm and intimate atmosphere of the party has connected everyone, the memorable moments of the party will forever remained in the hearts of all staff and promises a new year of success.

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