2017/03/13 15:43:12

On 07/03/2017, DINCO Corporation held a workshop about Labour Safety and Company’s brand management. The workshop was held to seriously recognize the shortcomings and problems in the labour safety activity and to release solutions for improving the labour safety condition at sites. In addition, this was also a chance to popularize and raise awareness of brand identity and Company’s image management.

The workshop was carefully prepared by Construction Management Department and monitored successfully by Mr. Ho Van Nghenh – Construction Manager, in the attendance of Management Board, Managers of Departments, Project Managers, Site Managers and all staffs interested in the topic.

At the beginning of the workshop, Mr. Ho Van Nghenh mentioned the importance and signification of labour safety to the development of the company. Besides, he also emphasized that good performance of labour safety is not only our responsibility in work, but also moral and social responsibility. 

The next part of the workshop showed the current shortcomings and problems in labour safety at sites. Objective and accurate images taken by safety supervisors attracted all participants’ attention, interest and discussion. Then the Safety Management Board presented solutions to improve the current safety condition, and also stated the plans and orientations about safety in the future.

Regarding Company’s brand management, the workshop informed the detailed information, requirements, regulation of brand use, management and identity. Besides, correct and incorrect examples of using company’s image were also introduced.


The workshop was going through so excitingly and finished successfully. Many questions and matters as well as solutions were released and discussed seriously, objectively and efficiently. It is expected to an active and good improvement in Labour Safety and Brand Management in the future. 


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