Teamwork- End-of-Year Review 2010

2011/02/28 10:08:38

The popping sound of champagne bottles, the "tinkling" clink of glasses with many musical performances of the most typical mood of Spring drawing on bring DINCO to sink into the warm atmosphere with the get-together of all DINCO staff all over the country on the occasion of Year-End Party at Bamboo Green Hotel on 26 December 2011 –i.e. on 29/01/2011 of Lunar Calendar – The Year of the Tiger.




This year’s theme is "Teamwork” – Working in group that is the desire from Management Board to strive and make a change to create an environment of solidarity and firmness in DINCO.




DINCO Management Board together with all staff in an intimate atmosphere has reviewed the business activities in 2010 and decided the direction and objectives of our operation in 2011.



The year of 2010 marked the changing of the company by restructuring, stipulating new regulations and giving new policies to recruit qualified employees gradually. Investment in Human Resources in 2011 will be the first objective in the new development orientation set out by the Management Board. In 2010 the Company has built such foundation by providing a series of training courses related to professional qualification, work skills…to all staff to be a team of professional to integrate with international business and to provide the best services to our customers, to build our own team and develop our brand name on the basic of customer satisfaction and demands.



The efforts of DINCO staff in 2010 won the recognition and commendation from the Management Board in the most solemn moment when Management Board awarded the merit certificates and prizes to individuals with excellent achievement in 2010. Mr. Le Truong Ky – DINCO Chairman-expressed his deep gratitude to all DINCO staff who wholeheartedly contributed to the development of the Company during the period of last year. At the ceremony, Mr. Le Truong DINCO also expected all staff to continuously develop the spirit of unity, creativity and to be more professional to meet the needs of development. With the business strategy of an adequate and step-by-step preparation together with encouraging signs coming out in Vietnam economy, Mr. Le Truong Ky expressed his belief and hoped that 2011 will be the year of brilliant exploits of DINCO Corporation.



The ceremony took place successfully with a consensus and determination of all DINCO staff to reach the targets and conquer all challenges in the future.



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