2016/11/05 08:52:17

For the purpose of taking care of the spiritual life for employees, recently, Dinco Corporation’s Management Board has organized a very significant and interesting tour in the beautiful country of Thailand in 5 days and 4 nights for Site managers and staffs who have contributed many working years to the company.


Coming to this place, we visited many attractive and unique travelling sites, such as Tiger zoo, Safari world with many wild animals and unique performances of tigers, crocodiles, dolphins. Leaving the hard work and worries in life, we had opportunity to listen to the whisper of the wind on the green vineyards. Firecracker in salvoes on the Navy Hill brought us back to the memories of childhood Tet holidays. Unique architecture of the temples and the gold-plated Buddha helped us to understand more about the culture of the country of golden pagoda and to feel the subtle and skillful hands of the Thai artisans.

It can be said that the thing that has brought us so much joy, impress and emotion might be evenings when everyone watch the professional artistic creative performances of the Thai actors wearing splendid costumes on the shimmering stage.

The travel ended after a 5 days and 4 nights. We have returned to the daily work; however, beautiful memories with colleagues in “the land of golden pagoda” will be imprinted in the heart of each person.

We would like to thank Dinco Corporation’s Board of Managers for caring and creating favorable condition for us to have an enjoyable travel with a lot of memorable experiences in this beautiful Thailand.

Following are the beautiful pictures in Thailand trip.

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