2017/03/13 12:00:19

In order to update and improve the labour safety knowledge and skills for employees, on the 10th and 11th of March 2017, Dinco Corporation cooperated with the Center of Industrial Safety Registration Zone III (CISR3) to provide Safety training and certificates of Group I, II and III for Company’s employees, including engineers, technical staffs, safety supervisors, mechanicians as well as all involved staffs. 

The training course attracted the attention, interest and learning spirit of participants. Not only new decrees and circulars of the government were informed, but also the advanced safety equipment of many countries in the world were shown by the lecturer. Besides, numerous videos of occupational accidents were shown, which helped improve the careful, attentive, safety working habit, as well as prevent and minimize occupational accidents.

After the training course, all participants must do a test and will be granted with Safety Training Certificates if they pass. 

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