2017/03/18 12:08:11

On the 17th and 18th of March 2017, Dinco Corporation coordinated with Fire Fighting Department of Lien Chieu District to organize the training and practice of fire-fighting task for Company staffs. This has helped to raise the awareness of the importance of Fire-fighting and to master how to use the fire extinguishing equipment and tools in a timely manner in response to any fire or explosion occurrence.

In the rehearsal, Fire fighting officers organized an assumed fire happening at the fuel dispenser of Thanh Vinh Master Store. With detailed script and assignment, the participants were divided into different teams, seriously carrying out the proper processes of fire-fighting and rescue. 

The rehearsal with an assumed fire made deep impression and effects on participants and helped them feel the situation closely with reality, avoiding the surprise in case of an actual incident.

This is the annual activity of Dinco to help the staffs firmly master the updated regulations of the government on fire prevention and fighting, raise the sense of responsibility in fire prevention and fighting, actively prevent and effectively organize the fire-fighting on incidents of fire and explosion occurring while working.

At the end of the training course, each trainee did a test before being granted with the Certificate of Fire-fighting Training as prescribed.

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