2016/04/25 16:03:08

The qualifications of Dinco Men’s mini football Expansion Cup 2016 had drasticly took place in the past 3 weeks in the spirit of playing their best of the participating teams and the warm applause of the audience. End of qualifying, the guest team from BIDV Da Nang and DINCO’s Machinery team won the ticket to the semi-final, while the final was the competition between Office Department and Construction Department from DINCO.


For the semi-final, the two teams ended in draw with the score of 1-1 in the 2 main halfs and had to assign the result by the penalty. As a result, the team from BIDV Da Nang led with the score 5-4, winning the final three.

For the final, unlike the previous games, Construction Department team represented a totally new tactics causing surprise to their opponent. With the battle-array of attacking, two teams had showed audience kinds of thrilling and beautiful shots, many times the ball went to the crossbar and two goalposts but no goal was scored. Finally, with their effort, team of Construction Department had passed Office Department team thanks to the shot by Player number 07, the Gold championship trophy of Dinco Men’s mini football Expansion Cup 2016 was awarded to players of Construction Department.

Dinco Men’s mini football Expansion Cup 2016, which is held to celebrate 12 years of Company establishment, has not only succeeded in the quality of the tournament, but also contributed to enhancing the solidarity and friendliness among DINCO football teams and guest teams. End of Dinco Men’s mini football Expansion Cup 2016 with emotional moments on the pitch of the players, wish the next season of DINCO to be more professional and attractive.

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