2017/03/25 10:28:55

On March 21st, 2017, an intimate exchange was held at Head Office of DINCO Corporation between Mr. LE TRUONG KY – General Director and students from Business Administration Faculty of Danang University of Economics. This annual activity of the company is to create opportunities for exchanging, learning about the business environment as well as career orientation of young students.

In the meeting, Mr. Ky introduced about development history of the company and shared his experiences of success as well as failure during business process. Besides, he stressed “Ethics in Business” as the core value to the sustainable development of company. He recounted the dearly moral lessons that he personally experienced to impart a profound message to students “Ethics is three time as precious as talent”

With friendly atmosphere, students asked Mr. Ky a lot of interesting questions such as What were his failures and how to overcome? Manpower control experience? How to attract excellent employees? etc. All questions were answered frankly and humorously by Mr. Ky. 

In the end of meeting, Mr. Ky stated that “All successes should learn from failures” and he also advised students that “Never give up your dreams. Don’t mind challenges and “sleep” over success. Must better yourself”. 

DINCO Corporation holds meetings for exchange with students regularly, thanks to which we may encourage the business passion as well as ambition of success to the youth. 

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