2018/07/04 12:49:08


On the morning of June 30th, 2018, DINCO coordinated with Fire Fighting Police Department No. 4 to organize Fire-drill and rescue maneuvers to DINCO staff at the Thanh Vinh master warehouse of DINCO, located at No. 01 Street, Thanh Vinh Industrial Cluster, Hoa Khanh Bac ward, Lien Chieu district, Danang city.

The Fire-drill was coordinated between Fire Fighting Police and Dinco to provide basic knowledge on fire prevention and fighting for Dinco employees, while propagating and raising awareness of the importance of Fire protection, mobilizing many people to participate in fire prevention and fighting in order to contribute in minimizing the consequences on human and property damage when fire, explosion occur.

Attendance to this event included 03 fire engines, 15 fire extinguishers, basic firefighting tools such as fire blankets, and means of ambulance like stretchers, first aid kit …

The staging of the scene of the fire has allowed Dinco staff to experience the use of the firefighting equipment on site, along with the procedure of deploying, assigning task to each team such as firefighting team, rescue team, first aid team, asset rescue team … This has firmly given an overview knowledge of the implementation of firefighting at working place, while raising the sense of responsibility for fire prevention in each participant.

The Fire-drill successfully ended at 9.30am through the exercise of all staffs under the guidance of Fire Fighting Police. And we have evaluated and learned from this Fire-drill to apply in practice when necessary.


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