2016/07/16 08:17:20

For the purpose of exchanging, learning, strengthening the solidarity and cooperation among construction contractors, on June 22nd 2016, at Nam Hoang, Dien Nam Dien Ngoc, Quang Nam, the opening ceremony under the title of  "Friendly football championship of Central SUNTORY PEPSICO Factory construction project – Phase 1” was held by the Project Management Board.

The important participants in the opening ceremony included Mr. Tran Huu Duc – Project Site Manager of Suntory Pepsico Project (MAEDA), Mr. Truong Chi Hung - Project Manager (COFICO); as for DINCO, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Phuong – Construction Director and Mr. Ho Van Thanh – Site Manager of Suntory Pepsico Project were present at the ceremony.


Besides a team of Employer (Suntory Pepsico), there were 7 other teams of contractors taking part in the tournament, including 2 teams from Maeda Vietnam, 1 from HITACHI Viet Nam, 1 from COFICO, 1 from DINCO, 1 coalition team between Blue Scope and ATAD, and another from Kajima Company.

The teams are required to play in turn in a round-robin procedure.

Right after the opening ceremony, the first match between Suntory Pepsico and Maeda was held in a cheerful, animated atmosphere. After that was a no less fierce battle between Dinco and a two-party coalition (Blue Scope + ATAD). The tournament will be continued with the competitions between the participating teams, and the final between the two excellent teams will take place on August 3rd 2016.

The players participating in the championship have devoted a very professional sport spirit. Especially, the tournament has received enthusiastic and impartial of the supporters who are working in the project. The football championship has become a very meaningful activity that helps to take exercises, create a hard working atmosphere, and increase the close-knit and friendly relationship among construction contractors. It is hoped that the football match will be successfully finished, and it will bring good impressions in everyone’s heart.

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