2018/05/27 18:19:06

On the occasion of the coming International Children's Day, DINCO organized the party "Let's have dreams come true" so that children of Dinco staff have the opportunity to meet, play, exchange and link together.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Mrs. Huynh Phuoc Huyen Vy congratulated the children who had completed one school year with many outstanding achievements and at the same time expressed gratitude to the strongest rear who always sympathizes and shares the difficulties and challenges of every company member.

The show opened with a very cute and exciting performance by children of Dinco staff. Followed by honor and awards to the children who won the prize in the excellent student contest of districts, cities. The gifts were carefully and dedicatedly selected according to the preferences and age of each child.

The organizers prepared a lot of unexpected and meaningful acts, focusing on bonding among family members through co-operative games that are united and creative as well as funny and cute puzzles for kids.

The program with many congratulations, many attractive gifts, especially the lucky draw created a joyful atmosphere, leaving unforgettable impression for the families, especially the children of Dinco employees.

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