2017/04/19 15:07:05

In the afternoon of April 17th 2017, the final match of DINCO MEN’S MINI FOOTBALL EXPANSION CUP 2017 took place in Tuyen Son stadium in Danang City. After the opening ceremony on 01/04/2017 and haft of month of competitions, four strongest teams joined in the final matches to find out the Champion of this year cup.

Firstly, the watchers enjoyed the excited and dynamic match between two teams from BIDV Danang branch and Hoa Tho Danang Project (Dinco Corporation) to compete for the Forth and Third prizes. The winner of this match was BIDV team.

Next was the performance of the final match between two most excellent teams from Pacific Dinco and Dinco’s Office. The first goal came from Pacific Dinco team. Despite of being led, Dinco’s Office was not confused and quickly equalized the score at the 15th minute of the first term. In the second term, Pacific Dinco developed the attack strategy and had two goals in succession to make the final score 3-1 and became the champion of this year.


All watchers went through 60 minutes with full of surprise and thrill created by skilled, qualified players and unpredictable progress of the match. The enthusiastic encourage of watchers is one of the key factors motivating the players.

At 17h00 of the same day, the Organization Board awarded to the teams and announced the closing of the DINCO MEN’S MINI FOOTBALL EXPANSION CUP 2017; the results of the game is as follows:

-         Championship Team: Pacific Dinco

-         The second team: Dinco’s Office

-         The third team: BIDV Danang

-         The forth team: Hoa Tho Da Nang

Football game is an annual event organized by DINCO in order to promote the spirit of sport, as well as to strengthen the co-working, solidarity and mutual support among the company's staffs. This is also an opportunity to popularize the image of the company, expand relationship with group companies, customers, partners. This football game ended successfully and marked a proud event of Dinco Corporation.

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