2016/06/22 14:31:16

In June 18th 2016, at the head office of DINCO Joint Stock Company, there was an informal meeting between Mr. Le Truong Ky (General Director of DINCO) and students of Fishers SuperKids, who come from 7 different provinces of Central Region of Vietnam. The meeting provides opportunity for students to exchange and learn about the business environment and career orientation so that they can integrate into the working environment successfully in the future.

First, Mr. Le Truong Ky gave preliminary introduction of the scale and business situation of the Company; at the same time, he conveyed the skills in international integration and career orientation. Besides, "business ethics" is the core issue, which was emphasized by him during the meeting.

In the latter part of the program, the students exchanged views on their concern with Mr. Le Truong Ky in open and cordial atmosphere, most of them related to career orientation, employment for students after graduation, the secret of business success, human resources management, etc. All problems were sincerely and humorously answered by Mr. Le Truong Ky.

At the end of the meeting, he conveyed a message to students: "In order to succeed, you must better yourself, you must not be afraid of failure and hardship, and you must take ethics as a core value."

DINCO Joint Stock Company always encourages and creates opportunity to organize exchanges between the enterprise and students. Thanks to these exchanges, the flame of business passion and the desire for business establishment and legitimate enrichment of the future young generation is fostered.

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