• The Course for improving skill on using MS Project with the Specialist Tran Manh Huy
    DINCO continuously invests in human capital and encourage personal creation. It is the method of developing construction quality, the basis of DINCO’s development as well as to be ready for every requirements from every domestic and multinational clients...
  • Dinco provides scholarships for Danang University of Technology students
    Human is always considered as the fundamental element for the development and success of every business as well as society. Therefore, this year Dinco starts carrying out and annual program to support for young talents in Danang University of Technology
  • Bà Nà Hills picnic
    The autumn is coming and weaving through every corner in the city in general and in each employee from DINCO in particular. It is little cold, but also very warm. With the 20-km journey, the touring cars take all members leave the city, and temporarily away from their work to be at one with magnificent nature...
  • 2009 Financial Reports
  • DINCO to be ranked in Top 500 largest Vietnamese Enterprises
    Vietnam Report Company has proclaimed the VNR500 chart - Top 500 largest Vietnamese enterprises in 2010. This year, VNR500 rankings is built on the basic of the database given by Vietnam Report
    Being one of prospective companies having prominent position in designing and constructing infrastructure, traffic and building projects, as well as manufacturing construction materials and trading in real estate, DINCO Corp. has been devoting their enthusiasm and youth to affirming their prestige, quality and brand; contributing to the general development of Danang.
  • A trip to Dalat of DINCO’s Staff – Greetings for National Liberation on 30th April
    DINCO’s Staff had a highly exciting trip to Dalat from 29th April to 2nd May. The trip was an occasion for everyone to refresh after stressful working time as well as to visit beautiful sceneries and cultural heritages of Dalat.
  • DINCO’S PROPERTY – Greeting Party between Management Board and New Staff from Jan 2011
    “DINCO’S PROPERTY – Human is the foundation and the most valuable property from which development and profits are created”. From this perspective, DINCO has been concentrating on attracting, exploiting, improving and developing our human resources to continue to assert our brand as well as expand business in construction industry in Vietnam.
    DINCO deeply sympathizes and shares the grief and loss that Japanese people are experiencing due to earthquake and tsunami.
  • Teamwork- End-of-Year Review 2010
    The popping sound of champagne bottles, the "tinkling" clink of glasses with many musical performances of the most typical mood of Spring drawing on bring DINCO to sink into the warm atmosphere with the get-together of all DINCO staff all over the country on the occasion of Year-End Party at Bamboo Green Hotel on 26 December 2011 –i.e. on 29/01/2011 of Lunar Calendar – The Year of the Tiger.

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