""To be the leading company in Vietnam in the fields of industrial plants, high-rise buildings, hotels, resorts, traffic and infrastructure construction projects".

Customers will see us as team members working for their success. We will anticipate your needs, satisfy them to the highest level and deliver on every commitment we make in order to maximize the benefits we bring to you.


People are proud to work at Dinco. We have built a specific culture based on honesty and integrity where every one of Dinco’s staff is empowered to achieve and exceed your expectations and be rewarded for their success personally..


Communities will appreciate our effort to improve the local standard of living. We create jobs for them, promote sound management of resources, and make positive contributions to the government budget which builds a better quality of life.



"We are privately owned company and guided by firmly held values".


Integrity and honesty. Dinco’s culture is based on integrity and honesty. We have set up the highest standards of ethical business performance which every employee is committed to follow. There is no compromise for any reason and under any circumstance. We are open and transparent in all dealings with clients and sub-contractors.                                                                        Excellence.We set high standards for every employee to achieve. We continually improve our managerial capabilities seeking to apply advanced Technology for our clients so that we may exceed their expectations.                                   Mutual Respect. We work by our Dinco Rules, which encourage openness, teamwork and trust. We value diverse backgrounds, experience, and opinions. We respect the differences and working style of every customer and subcontractor.
Safety. We believe every accident is preventable, and we continue our pursuit of zero accidents – people’s lives depend on it.   Sustainability. Based on the foundation of honesty and integrity, we plan and act for the long term good of our customers, environment and community.