We understand that the biggest concern our customers have in construction is unethical behavior which involves maintaining the quantity and quality of the materials specified. Dinco has built a high standard of honesty and integrity, dedicated to satisfying your design specifications.No unethical relationship with suppliers or contractors is tolerated in our company.

Dinco adds value to the clients by providing innovative engineering solutions optimizing time and costs.
For example:

  • By redesigning the plan, we saved USD 500.000 on a USD 7,5 million for Groz-Beckert VietNam Ltd., Co. ;
  • We saved $500.000 USD on a $5.5 million USD project for TCIE VietNam Pte., Ltd through re-design and Supervision;
  • Other projects where Dinco played role of EPC contractor: CCI Electronic Component Factory, Daiwa Viet Nam 06A Factory, Daiwa Viet Nam 08 B,C Factory, Vinh Gia Handicraft and Fine Arts Factory.

70% of Dinco’s Clients are from advanced technology countries: USA, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, with contract value totaling 70 million USD.

Our company’s competence will satisfy the following requirements:

  • Safety and environmental protection: we have experience in constructing Colgate Palmolive Toothbrush Manufacture Facility as per LEED standard
  • Progress: we will work to meet your timeline
  • Quality: we strive to complete your project with quality, dedicated to meet your criteria of  a high standard: JIS, ASTM, etc
  • Contract performance: we are familiar with international contracts and related documents and procedures; thereby minimizing contractual disputes.  We will openly and clearly communicate, documenting all contracts to facilitate mutual understandings and agreement, with the desire to minimize any misunderstandings

Dinco assists clients to secure necessary licenses and legal requirements to operate successfully in this country. Due to our good reputation and relationships with local authorities, we are able to handle legal procedures more easily(i.e. Construction Licenses, As-built Licenses, Fire Fighting & Prevention Licenses)