Dinco is the NUMBER ONE choice for international clients with industrial plants, civil engineering projects and infrastructure construction projects.
No matter how complex a project, how remote the location, how stringent the requirements....


Business philosophy

Improving sustainability for Dinco on the grounds of honesty and integrity.

Why is Dinco?

We understand that the biggest concern our customers have in construction is unethical behavior which involves maintaining the quantity and quality of the materials specified. Dinco has built a high standard of honesty and integrity, dedicated to satisfying your design specifications...



I started Dinco with a group of passionate engineer. We all had a dream to build a role model construction company in Vietnam. Going through ups and downs, Dinco has changed constantly on many aspects( strategy, finance...) to keep up with the high competitiveness of the market. However, there are two values that Dinco and I have never ever changed: Human and Ethic.


Financial capacity